The Building as a Village – Liberty Bank Building
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The Building as a Village

The Building as a Village

Tamara Harris first started flagging in 1991. She was a single parent of three, and her youngest was six months old. Since then, she has grown into a trainer and opened her own business: Yes We Can Flagging. The Liberty Bank Building is her first commercial contract.

As a community member herself – Ms. Harris grew up nearby – she’s thrilled that LBB is finally a reality. An important fixture of the construction site, she’s become familiar with all of the builders and many neighbors, as well. She fondly remembers Mrs. White, a long-term resident of the Central District, for welcoming her.

If asked, she’ll repeat the flagger’s motto: “clear, firm, and courteous.” Ms. Harris is all three, even in her gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this project.



Shelton Burr is president and CEO of Adept Mechanical, which designed and installed the plumbing system at LBB – something of a homecoming for Mr. Burr who grew up nearby and attended Garfield High School. He remembers when Liberty Bank opened, back when the Central District was primarily home to African Americans and other minorities.


A local artist and co-curator of LBB art installations, Esther Ervin has witnessed the Central District’s struggles with displacement over 24 years of residence there. Now, along with Al Doggett, her longtime collaborator, and several other artists, her work will be displayed permanently at LBB, helping to preserve the history of the neighborhood.




Many partners came together to make the Liberty Bank Building a reality. As we get close to its opening, we celebrate all of their hard work, dedication, and insight. Pictured: Evelyn Thomas Allen, BCIA; Wyking Garrett, Africatown; Andrea Caupain, Byrd Barr Place; Kevin Dawson Jr., Byrd Barr Place; Jaebadiah Gardner, Onpoint Real Estate; Jill Fleming, CHH.

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