Community Spotlight: Durrell Matthews – Liberty Bank Building
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Community Spotlight: Durrell Matthews

Community Spotlight: Durrell Matthews

If you want to get more out of life, you have to put more into it. It is that philosophy that sent Durrell Matthews to Seattle Vocational Institute. He graduated last June and began working for Walsh on the Liberty Bank Building in January. Matthews is currently installing windows. “SVI was a great plan at the time for me. I wanted to get some certifications and it was a good school. I have abilities some of my co-workers don’t have.” Matthews says at SVI, he learned about building houses and more. “…from roofing to framing, with a little plumbing and electricity as well.”

Twenty-four year old Durrell Matthews is originally from Chicago but spent much of his growing up time in Seattle.   He knows the history of the Liberty Bank Building and says he’s proud to be part of it. “It’s a monument, it’s memories, and I can show my son and say, ‘I helped build that building.’ It’s a great feeling.”

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