Leasing – Liberty Bank Building
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Wednesday, February 13th 2019 Winter Storm Follow-Up Letter

For new LBB residents, please see this follow-up letter from Capitol Hill Housing’s Property Management for a status update on the winter storm and things to do to prepare for potential flooding.

Thank you for your help and patience. Stay safe and warm!


Monday, February 11th, 2019 Update per Winter Storm Conditions
For Future LBB Residents with Lease Signing Appointments:
We are planning to keep all the lease signing dates as scheduled but will reschedule if the applicant needs to reschedule. The move in dates may need to be moved a day or two. We are calling everyone who is scheduled today.

Please continue to check this site for updated information.

For new LBB building residents, please  see this letter from Capitol Hill Housing’s Property Management for building information and winter weather tips.

Thank you.


Friday, February 2, 2019 Leasing Applications Update

We would like to let you know that we still have a few apartments to fill and are still calling back phone numbers from the November wait list. Please remember you might not recognize the number that is calling you. Make sure that your voicemail box can accept messages and if you have a landline phone that does not have voicemail and you are not available, make sure and forward your phone to someone who can answer on your behalf.

If you are newly in need of housing, additional listings for other buildings are online at: http://www.capitolhillhousing.org/findyourapartment/index.php

Thanks for your continued interest in the Liberty Bank Building.





Built for the community, by the community:


The construction of Liberty Bank Building is anticipated to finish in February 2019! If you are interested in living in the building, the process to apply will begin on November 1.


At 9:00 AM on November 1st, 2018 we will open a dedicated phone line (206-375-2099). The phone line will not work until then. That day, you should call the number and leave a message with the following information:


  • First and last name (please speak slowly and spell out your name)
  • A reliable phone number where we can reach you
  • The apartment size you would like to rent (studio, 1BR, 2BR)


In keeping with the City’s “First in Time” ordinance, we will call applicants back in the order in which messages were received. Not everyone will receive a call back. We have 115 open apartments to rent and will begin by evaluating the first 300 messages we receive. If you have not received a call back by November 15th, you can assume that we have already filled all available apartments.


If you receive a call back from one of our housing assistants, they will ask you series of questions to determine your eligibility for an apartment. They will also set up a time for an in-person appointment to fill out eligibility paperwork. The housing assistant will explain what documents to bring to your appointment.


Due to the high volume of people interested in living at Liberty Bank Building, it can take up to three weeks for us to process your paperwork and verify your information. If you meet the requirements, we will contact you to schedule a time to sign your lease and set a move-in time. If for some reason there is a problem with your application, or you are missing information, you will have 72 hours to provide the correct information before we will move on to the next applicant in line. Move-ins will occur once the building is complete, sometime in February 2019.


Here is a summary of the steps described above:


  1. Call and leave a message with your information
  2. Receive a call back and schedule an appointment
  3. In-person appointment and your eligibility paperwork is reviewed
  4. If approved, sign a lease and schedule move-in date


Check out this SHORT VIDEO for more information!

Check out this FAQ for more information!