Contracting Options – Liberty Bank Building
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Contracting Options

Contracting Options

The project partners are committed to seeing that the access to the jobs generated by our projects help lift up the community. We establish goals for each project to promote participation and inclusion of Women- and Minority-owned Businesses (WMBE). This page will be updated regularly to inform the community about contracting options for the Liberty Bank Building project as well as report back on our progress toward our goals.

We are proud to report that of the $16 million available for subcontractor work, over $4.5 million is going to Women- and Minority-owned Businesses (WMBEs). Over $2.6 million of that has been awarded specifically to African American-owned businesses.

Walsh Construction is serving as the general contractor for this project and will oversee any contracting with WMBE applicants.

Contact Sandi Tovias for more information
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For any questions before or during the bid and contracting process, don’t hesitate to email us: